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my first day in college essay

Jul 31,  · My first day at college is an important event of my life. To me it is an unforgettable day. During my school days. I had a glimpse of college life from my elder brothers and sisters. I was most curiously awaiting the day when I would start my college life. Essay On My First Day at College With Quotations and Outline for 2nd Year and Graduation. If you are searching for English Essays for FSC, 2nd Year then you can prepare this Essay too. Here is an Essay On My First Day at College With Quotations and Outline for 2nd Year and Graduation. This essay is good for Class 12 and Graduation Students. My First Day at College Essay Words | 2 Pages. repetitive beeping enters into my room, I slowly open one eye to make sure the sound isn’t originating from my dreams. With the suspicion denied that I had set my alarm clock to wake me up at the wrong time, I arise from my .

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This essay is good for Class 12 and Graduation Students. One more Essay on the same topic is also available here. Dreams are always beautiful and attractive. I was fed up with the suffocated atmosphere of my school where students were driven with the stick. I had been dreaming of free, independent and charming life of the college since my school days.

After a long anxious wait, the result of matriculation examination was declared and I got first Division. I got admission to Govt. A student cannot forget the sweet memories of his first day at college.

The classes were to start from the 1 st September, I already knew that the seniors play first-year fooling with the newcomers. So, I was mentally prepared for it. On the first day, when I entered the college, I met a few seniors who asked me to do some stupid things, I felt a little humiliated but took it sportingly.

First, there was prayer accompanied by recitation from the Holy Quran. The principal delivered an introductory speech to the students. He made us realize the responsibilities in the college life by quoting a Chinese proverb:. Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself. Then the time table was dictated and the students went to their classrooms. During shifting of the classes from one room to another, the senior lectures. They welcomed the new-comers with funny comments, my first day in college essay.

My first impression of the college is still fresh in my my first day in college essay. I am proud of being a student of Govt. I am greatly impressed by the lovely building, the vast playgrounds and the charming greenery of the college. Its laboratories are well-equipped with instruments and apparatus. Students come here from all over the Punjab. Every year, many of our students secure merits and positions in the Board Examination.

The staff of the College is highly qualified. The professors are kind, polite, co-operative and punctual. They are well-dressed and well-mannered.

They guide the students in academic and sports activities regularly. The college life is quite different from that of school, my first day in college essay. It is interesting and thrilling. Students enjoy full freedom and actively participate in co-curricular activities of the college.

They are my first day in college essay mature enough to act upon the college rules. My class fellows are very brilliant and hard working.

I am enjoying myself very much in this great institution. Your email address will not be published. August 27, A and…. A, FS…. Click To Comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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my first day in college essay


Some say that first day in college was a beautiful experience but for me it was like a complete life in itself. My first day in college was an experience worth remembering because of three reasons: I met new friends, saw a new environment and knew new teachers. I felt excited hearing that I was going to college to pursue a degree in Nursing. I felt excited but at the same time I was so nervous, because it was my first day at Wallace State Community College. I really didn’t know anybody there. Eventually my first day was one of the most memorable days of my life. My First Day at College Essay ( Words) A College is dreamland of every student’s educational life and career. It is a beautiful period and picture of learning, enjoyment, freedom and friendship.