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Sep 08,  · The latest backstage WWE wrestling news, rumors, results, spoilers and more. Get the latest Pro Wrestling news, photos, rankings, lists and more on Bleacher Report. Get the latest Pro Wrestling news, photos, rankings, lists and more on Bleacher Report TNA Loses Its TV. Covering WWE RAW, SmackDown!, TNA IMPACT!, and the rest of the wrestling industry to bring you the all the latest news, rumors, results, and spoilers about your favorite TNA and WWE superstars.

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Thirty nine years is not enough for most people, but in those years Ezra gave a lifetime worth of kindness and love. He never got that people thought he was a big deal and downplayed his importance. In a social media world where the need for attention and self importance is the norm, Ezra was a regular guy and a breath of fresh air.

When Greg Dresko and I did our podcast with Ezra, it was obvious he did not feel good but he rarely cancelled anything. Even on his bad days he would do interviews with a smile. Literally thousands of people got involved praying for Pancho and all of those battling cancer. We did a second one not too long ago that was also greatly supported. People really cared and it was inspiring. Buffalo was the perfect team for Ezra. It is a bleacher report tna that is set back in the time of the old AFL.

They have an old stadium, the second lowest ticket prices in the NFL, and a raucous loyal fan base. It is a special place. With fancy, expensive stadiums pricing out many fans, the Bills are stuck in a wonderful time warp that allows for a foundation that continues to come to the games year after year, bleacher report tna.

A loyal following that braves bitter cold and wind to support their Bills. What an amazing place. In true Buffalo Bill spirit, Pancho Billa battled until the end. Just like Steve Tasker making an amazing play in a Super Bowl that had long been lost, Ezra never gave up.

Adversity was what Ezra faced each day after being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, bleacher report tna. Even in bleacher report tna darkest days he would bleacher report tna a positive, caring spirit that inspired so many. He knew. He also though remained positive asking people to never quit praying for a miracle, bleacher report tna. Giving up was never an option.

In reality the biggest gift Pancho Billa gave to people was the way he handled his illness. Even with social media bringing out the worst in people, he showed a spirit of pride and kindness that touched so many, bleacher report tna. He remained positive at the worst of times inspiring us all to not take ourselves too seriously. In a world where many get angry at the drop of a hat, he showed a calm passion and compassion for others during his fight.

Ezra reminded NFL fans everywhere that we are not gang members or part of a football militia that should hate anything not affiliated with bleacher report tna teams. We all saw how our hearts are more powerful than any owners money or new stadium. The simplest of things, bleacher report tna. For a moment in time fans in New England and Oakland were on the same team. Dallas and Philly fans prayed for a miracle together and people began to realize all of the petty arguments and hate was not what being a fan was about.

Your kindness touched Ezra and helped him and his family get through such an unspeakable tragedy. As much of a gift people felt Pancho was, bleacher report tna, he felt the same about you. He brought out the best in all of us and it sure felt good. If you really want to keep his legacy alive, lets be like him. Give as much as you can to others and show kindness with a calm spirit. I hate flowers. Think of others first, and show love and appreciation and support to one another.

Most of all do it without judgement or opinion. Love completely without complete understanding. What an amazing legacy that bleacher report tna be. And nothing would be more pleasing to the great Pancho Billa. Tastes are as shallow as a puddle in the Mohave dessert. When it was announced that iconic actress and director Penny Marshall had passed away at the age of 75 due to complications from diabetes, there was a true sadness felt around the world.

A simple bleacher report tna boy, who grew up to be a giant giving us entertainment that the whole family could enjoy. It took television by storm with their quirky friends and honest friendship with many bumps along the way.

It was innocent, fun, and made you feel good to watch it. It usually was on right after another iconic show, Happy Days. Through the bleacher report tna of the time and the overall love and compassion the characters had for one another, it allowed people to escape into a world that had a lot of craziness, but in the end was about bleacher report tna and a feeling of belonging. They made us cry, laugh, and remember our own issues with friends, family and siblings.

In the end though, the characters are cared about and loved. A tomboy, a little vulgar and un-lady like, who was honest and raw. It was impossible to not fall in love with her.

With Cindy Williams playing the prissy and prude Shirley, they were a television team made in heaven. Big became the first million dollar film that was directed by a woman.

Each film in their own way an inspiration into the heart of people while bringing out the best in them. Time is a cruel mistress and it takes away the bleacher report tna we love and those entertainers of our youth that brought us so much joy.

And many times as adults, we can get through difficult situations watching shows of the past that made us laugh, cry, and dream.

Penny Marshall gave us those feelings with her amazing talent, bleacher report tna. The feelings of love, honesty, compassion and kindness. After the last Super Bowl, I made a decision to write more on a national level. As many of my new followers are finding out, I think for myself. I actually try to do research and base my decisions on facts and not hope or any biases I may have. Be entertaining, be right, and be honest I say.

It still matters, bleacher report tna. Resilient and hearty and they love their football. With some of the worst weather in the country, to be a football fan in Buffalo means to be there through wind, rain or snow. When I began looking into the Buffalo Bills season a few months ago, it was amazing for me to see how so many national publications and writers had them doing so badly in Sports Illustrated was the harshest. They eventually had the Bills bleacher report tna and getting the 1 pick for next years draft after being the worst team in the NFL.

Even biased Bills fans that were writers were not very happy with their prospects. I decided to again, look into the Bills bleacher report tna to see if I had missed something because I never thought they were that bad, bleacher report tna. I think you evaluate an upcoming season by 3 things; how good is the team, how tough is their schedule, bleacher report tna, and how tough is their division.

Take the Raiders for instance. Two years ago they had the second easiest schedule in the NFL and went They won a lot of close games against a lot of bad teams. Last year they had the second hardest schedule and bleacher report tna Now lets look at these 3 things in regards to the Bills. I see him more as a backup than a starter but he will do in a pinch.

I never thought Nathan Peterman was much of a prospect to start in the NFL, bleacher report tna, but wow I still remember his game at Death Valley when Pittsburgh beat Clemson for their only loss of the year.

Tyrod Taylor was never the answer in my mind and the Bills bleacher report tna, but is Josh Allen? There are two camps for Josh Allen; those that bleacher report tna he will do well, and those that think he has bust written all over him.

I personally think he was a horrible pick but time will tell. In his last year at Wyoming he was average at best. Three times he threw for under 92 yards in a game and only once did he throw for over yards and that was against Gardner-Webb University. Again, time will tell who is right.

ESPN did a great article showing just how bad the NFL experts and teams had become in drafting players and the position they drafted the worst was quarterback, bleacher report tna. I still remember years ago being kicked off of a large Oakland Raiders website for pointing out how newly drafted Jamarcus Russell was going to be a big bust because he struggled so badly against pro style defenses in the SEC. Three years later that site apologized to me and asked me to come back always follow people that are right most of the time.

That being said I think McCarron handles the QB position for at least part of the year if not most of it. McCoy is still one of the best in the league. A very underrated signing that Bills writers need to talk more about is the signing of veteran Chris Ivory.

The wildcard is Zay Jones who has been a huge disappointment so far and had a bizarre domestic issue to deal with. Here is where most experts say the Bills are in trouble. If Groy goes to center, Ducasse will be a key player at the guard position.

Rookie Dion Dawkins played well at left tackle last year, bleacher report tna. There are still questions on who plays where bleacher report tna the pre season will clear that up. Harrison Phillips out of Stanford was a sleeper pick in the third round, bleacher report tna. As with most Cardinals, bleacher report tna, he is well coached, bleacher report tna, physical and makes plays.


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On the figures, with reference to additional streaming of the shows thanks to Bleacher Report Live, Meltzer said; "It's going to end up being down from the last one, I just got updated stuff this morning. The UK was up, both on pay-per-view and Fite. The US was downstreaming on BR Live was about the same. WWE Hires Former Impact Interviewer McKenzie Mitchell and Bleacher Report’s Matt Camp. WWE Live Superstar Wants Singles Match with Kushida Following Debut. Chad Gable on Having the Deck Stacked Against Him, Being Ready for Baron Corbin In the WWE KOTR Finals. Backstage News on WWE Planning Announce Team Changes, Two-Man Booth Coming Back? Jun 12,  · Former WWE and TNA wrestler Tyrus was reportedly fired by Fox News after a sexual harassment claim was filed against him by co-worker Britt is part of Bleacher Report Author: Adam Wells.